My Collection – Napoleonic – 1800-1804




First Consul Bonaparte

Duke Hugues-Bernard Maret

Comte André Joseph Abrial

On behalf of the French People.
Bonaparte, First Consul of the Republic appoints the President Bidaulth legislator of the Criminal Tribunal of Siene and Maru for functions of Court Judge by the Senate in Paris.

note: This is a document while Bonaparte was First Consul of France and dated the 4th of April 1800.  Bonaparte’s signature by Maret.(Seal, Bonaparte)




General Jean Baptiste Kleber

To the Headquarters of Cairo
April 1, 1800
KLEBER, General en Chef
To the General Paymaster,
You will, citizen, hold at the disposal of Citizen Brascevich, my first interpreter secretary, 2,000 livres, for wages and other expenses relative to his duties.
I Salute You,

note: This document is by Kleber who would take command of the army of Egypt when Bonaparte returned to France. Upon taking command he would defeat the Turks at Heliopolis on the 20th of March 1800. General Kleber would be assassinated in Cairo on the 14th of June 1800.(Kleber, Heliopolis, Assassination)

George Bernard-Francois Frere

note: This document has the printed heading of the Consular Guard and dated the 19th of April 1800.  The Consular is the forerunner of the famous Napoleon’s Guard.

Marshal Nicolas-Charles Oudinot

I have the honor to send you  an enclosed copy of the commission of the Deputy Adjutant General Andrieu issued by my predecessor, the citizen Delmas, captain in the wake of the 33rd Brigade of the Line. I have the honor to ask you for the confirmation of this choice, the officer was found in Genoa during the blockade of this place.

note:  Oudinot was one of Napoleon’s Marshals.  The document is dated the 30th of June 1800.(Oudinot, Oudinot)

Marshal Jean-Baptiste Jourdan

note:  Jourdan was one of Napoleon’s Marshals.  The document concerns war contracts in Piedmont and dated the 11th of September 1800.


General Jacques-Francois de Boussay Menou

To Cairo Headquarters November 26, 1800
MENOU, General en Chef
To General ………….,
I expect you at one O’clock, citizen general, well have a chat together.

note: This is a document by Menou who would take command of the army of Egypt after the assassination of General Kleber. General Menou would surrender all French forces in Egypt after the defeat at Alexandria in 1801.(Menou)

General Alexis de Schauenburg

note: The document is to General Jean-Joseph-Paul Dessolles(1767-1828) and concerns the deployment of troops and dated the 27th of August 1800.(Dessolles)




Marshal Francois Christophe Kellermann

Paris, on the 12th Prairial, An 8 Rép.
Général Kellermann, Member of the Senate
To Général de Brigade Pouget, Commanding the 8th Division of the Armée d’Italie.
I forward you enclosed, my dear Général, a letter that I have just received from the Minister for War in answer to the last I wrote to ask him your reinstatement in the rank of Général Divisionnaire. You’ll read there that the Premier Consul has decided to wait for the opinion of Général en Chef Massena before making a decision.
I renew, my dear Général, the assurance of my feelings of affection and friendship towards you.

note: Kellermann was one of Napoleon’s Marshals. This document was written just two weeks before his cavalry charge at Marengo dated the 1st of June 1800. General Jean Pierre Pouget(1761-1825).(Kellermann, Kellermann, Marengo)




Bureau de Marine

Bureau de Marine
It is ordered to citizen Jean-Bernard Lapefrere Sub Lieutenant, to embark on board the schooner L’Agile, commanded by citizen Gallois, Sub Lieutenant.
October 9, 1800

note: The French navy suffered during the Reign of Terror with many naval officers being guillotined.





General Jean Baptiste Meynier

note: This document concerns cavalry matters and dated the 4th of August 1801. Meynier would be with Lannes at the battle of Dego.




Marshal Nicolas Jean-de-Dieu Soult

note: Soult was one of Napoleon’s Marshals. This is a document by Soult while the Commandant of Piedmont and dated the 7th of December 1800. The document concerns the purchasing of great coats for the army.(Soult, Soult)




General Antoine-Joseph Robin

To Headquarters of Alessandria, Italy 1801
ROBIN, General of Division
To the Minister of War
General Chasseloup told me he wrote you, citizen minister, to warn you it would be necessary to get out of Alessandria for a few winter months five battalions of the garrison and send them to various cantonments, as during that period it is not possible to use many workers for the fortifications, and other motives detailed to you. He designated to yo two battalions of the 29th and the whole 53rd. Allow me, citizen minister, to point to you that the 53rd has just made a considerable move from Coblenz, that has been very costly to the officers and has indebted many of them, who thought they would be spending winter here, have made establishments and purchases, and that a new move would force them to sell much loss, and at their new destination, they would have to make other purchases, which would indebt them even more and for a long time. Hence I have the honour to propose you, rather than the 53rd, to detach the 102nd that for over a year have been garrisoned here, which seems to me very fair, and avoids complaints and resentments always harmful to the service. I have the honour of saluting you respectfully.

note: The document mentions General Francois Chasseloup-Laubat(1754-1833), who was one of Napoleon’s best military engineers.(General Robin, Chasseloup)




Surgeon Claude Francois Hilaire Larrey

note: This is a consultation dated the 5th of July 1801, by Surgeon Claude Francois Hilaire Larrey the younger brother of Surgeon Dominique-Jean Larrey(1766-1842).(Larrey)




Marshal Jean Lannes

note: Lannes was one of Napoleon’s Marshals. He was appointed ambassador to Portugal on the 14th of November 1801.(Lannes, Lannes, Lisbonne)




General Geraud-Christophe-Michel Duroc

Republic of France
At Paris, 21st Pluviose, year 10
The General Governor of the Palace
To Citizen Bouquain, Commissar of Wars
I have received, Citizen, the letter you have written to me, as soon as I have arrived here I have written to the Minister of War so that he gives you the first place that will come to be available on the ledger to the Commissars of Wars. Citizen Agand, whom you were keen to succeed to, was already replaced by the Commissars of Wars employed at St. Dominique.
I Salute You

note: This is a document by Duroc while General Governor of the Palace and dated the 10th of February 1802. Duroc would be killed at Bautzen.(Duroc, Duroc, Death at Bautzen)

Marshal Louis-Gabriel Suchet

General Miquel Pierre Andre

26th Demi-Brigade of the Line
We, the members of the Administration Council 26th Half-Brigade of the Line, certify having given his discharge to Citizen Bourgouin, second class surgeon, born in the department of Indre, who has served with Honor and Integrity since the 10th Messidor year eight to the first Pluviose of the present year, at which time his replacement has been carried out further to his offering his resignation, accepted by the Minister of War. As a consequence, the said Citizen Bourgouin is free to retire where ever he feels like. Done in council, at Tournon, on the 18th Germinal year ten of the Republic of France.
Inspector General

note: Suchet was one of Napoleon’s Marshals. The document concerns the discharge of an army surgeon and dated the 8th of April 1802.(Suchet, Suchet)

Marshal Jean-Baptiste Jourdan

Intervention to the Minister of War in order to activate, at the request of the prefect, the restoration of Vercelli barracks which was not accepted by the Director of Engineering. “The prefect of the department of Sesia was reported at various times of urgent need for repairs of barracks in the city of Vercelli (.) To deliver the inhabitants of this county’s housing of troops in garrison to them very dependent on me and demand the prefect, who is entered in a few details that have appeared displaced to the Director of Engineering

note:   Jourdan was one of Napoleon’s Marshals.  The document concerns the rebuilding of barracks and is dated the 21st of April 1802.(Reverse, Jourdan, Jourdan)

First Consul Bonaparte

note: This is a document while Bonaparte was First Consul of France and dated the 17th of April 1802.(Reverse, Seal, Bonaparte)




Marshal Andre Massena

Paris, 30 September 1802
The Commanding General, Massena,
To General Sanson, Director of the General Depot of War.
The Adjutant Commandant Bailleul, who will present to you this letter, is so favorably known to me because of his talents in the topographical department, on which I had an opportunity to form an opinion in Switzerland and in the Army of Italy where he was on active service under my orders as Chief of the Bureau, that I wrote in his favor to General Andreossi, who replied to me that the services of this officer were so favorably known to him that he would with pleasure aid in securing for this officer the justice that I demand. So, with confidence and Friendship, General, I pray you to do this officer the important service of causing him to be assigned to the approaching organization of the geographical engineering department, for which he must already have been nominated by General Andreossi.
Greetings and friendship,

note: Massena was one of Napoleon’s Marshals. He would be given the title Prince of Essling for his actions during the campaign of 1809.(Reverse, Massena, Massena, Battle of Essling)




Marshal Edouard-Aldolphe-Casimir-Joseph Mortier

I have just been given, Messieurs, the letter you have addressed me today, withholding complaints against the Aide-de-Camp of Monsieur le Général Foucher : I have at once informed the Général of it, and I have ordered him to punish that officer, and to advise him to act more circumspectly in the future.
I have the honour, Messieurs, of saluting you.

note: Mortier was one of Napoleon’s Marshals. The document concerns the disciplining of an officer and is undated.(Mortier, Mortier)




Marshal Louis-Gabriel Suchet

…proposal for the balance of retirement in favor of Pierre Perraut citizen [.] chasseur in the 5th company of the 1st battalion. Exposed his service and the reasons for his retirement (two injuries from shot).

note: Suchet was one of Napoleon’s Marshals. The document concerns the retirement of a wounded soldier and dated the 19th of August 1803.(Reverse, Suchet, Suchet)




General Victor-Leopold Berthier

“…Wolbeck belonging to the King of Prussia is extremely small and it is impossible to accommodate two horses cens… Distance from Wolbeck to Dulmann being 8 leagues, and partly traverse path, requires the establishment of a stage on the territory of Prussia…”

note: General Leopold Berthier was the brother of Marshal Berthier.  The document while in the Army of Hanover and dated the 8th of September 1803.  Leopold would die of illness in Paris.(Reverse)




Marshal Joachim Murat

note:  Murat was one of Napoleon’s Marshals.  The document while Governor of Paris and dated the 30th of January 1804.(Murat, Murat)




General Julian Charles Louis Rheinwald

To Headquarters of Geneva,
9 April 1804
General of Brigade Rheinwald
Commanding the Leman Department and the troops stationed in the Republic of Valais. To General Vial, Plenipotentiary Minister by the Helvetic Republic.
My General,
I have just realized, that many conscripts from the Department of Leman have taken shelter in the Canton in Leman(in the Pays de Vaud), to abscond from conscription. I pledge you, General, to employ yourself for the….. of the project, to stop that abuse, detrimental to the interest of the French Government. I am flattered that this circumstance allows me to remind you of me, having found myself in year 10 with you at ……, at General Massena’s, whose Chef d’Etat Major General I was in the Swiss campaign. Please receive the assurance of my distinguished consideration.

note: General Honore Vial(1766-1813) during this time was the French ambassador to Switzerland.  Vial would fall at Leipzig.(Vial)




Marshal Louis-Alexandre Berthier

note:  Berthier was one of Napoleon’s Marshals.  This document by Berthier while Minister of War and dated the 19th of July 1804.  The document is  addressed to Marmont, then Commander in Chief of the French army in Batavian.  Berthier is sending him 20 copies of an imperial decree that states that future spies and recruiters will be tried by special military commissions.(Reverse, Berthier, Berthier, Marmont, Marmont)




Prince Eugene de Beauharnais

note: This is a travel document for Prince Beauharnais while Colonel General in the Imperial Guard and dated the 21st of August 1804. Prince Eugene was the son of Josephine and stepson to Napoleon.(Front, Reverse, Beauharnais)




Marshal Louis-Alexandre Berthier

note: Berthier was one of Napoleon’s Marshals. The document concerns the troop movement of General Joba and dated the 8th of December 1804. General Dominique Joba(1759-1809) would be killed at San Gregorio in 1809.(Berthier, Berthier)




Lieutenant Ughetti d’Avuglione

note:  The portrait of French Dragoon Lieutenant Ughetti d’Avuglione was painted in 1800.




Miniature Portrait

note: This is a miniature portrait on ivory of a French officer wearing the medal of Malta.




Consistorio Secreto

note: This is the Consistorio Secreto by Pope Pius VII(1740-1823) on his four month stay in France, which includes Napoleon’s Coronation.(Cover, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, Coronation)