My Collection – Napoleonic – 1810-1816




Gaston de La Tour D’Auvergne
circa 1810

note:  A printed document of the guard of honor to Emperor Napoleon.




General Giles-Joseph-Martin-Bruneteau de Sainte Suzanne

Camp of Boulogne
2 January 1810
Your Excellency the Count
Minister of War
I have received the letter you made me the honour of writing me on the 28th, to warn me that, according with the orders of His Majesty, the free distribution of firewood to the Officers employed in the 1st Reserve Corps, must stop from the 1st of this month. I have made known the order to these officers the provisions of the letter from your Excellency. Please accept, Monsieur the Count, the insurance of my high regard.
The General Senateur commanding the Camp of Boulogne

note: The camp at Boulogne was a French staging point for the invasion of England in 1798 and 1805. The plans were called off for the campaigns in Egypt and then Austria.(St. Suzanne, Camp at Boulogne)




Claude Ambroise Régnier

note:  This is a document by the Duke of Massa while Minister of Justice and dated the 17th of February 1810. 




General Anne-Jean-Marie-Rene Savary

Jean-Baptiste de Nompere de Champagny

note:  Passport granted by the Duke of Frias [Diego Lopez Pacheco-Tellez-Giron (1754/1811)] to the treasurer general of Castile, Don Fernando de Roxas. The document is also covered by the French Minister of External Relations (Champagny, duc de Cadore) and Minister General of Police (Savary, duc de Rovigo).(Reverse, Savary)




Marshal Edouard-Aldolphe-Casimir-Joseph Mortier

“…I have taken information about the causes of the delay to reach its destination, S. Lafosse, Fourrier in the gendarmerie, appointed since last November to the post of second lieutenant in the gendarmerie station in Catalonia. It was in Brussels with different orders of Colonel Henry and should be at this moment in Amiens where the order is to be repeated…”

note: Mortier was one of Napoleon’s Marshals.  Mortier had just returned from three years of fighting in Spain.  The document is dated the 14th of July 1811.(Mortier, Mortier, Clarke)




General Armand-Augustin-Louis de Caulaincourt

note: General Caulaincourt gives instructions on how the widow of Marshal Lannes was to be treated.  The document is dated during the year 1812.(Watermark, Watermark)




General Pierre Michel Rouelle

Imperial Army of Aragon, 2nd Division
…so very good brigadier general, it reflects the orders that I sent to the General (the Earl Harispe).  I am eager to fulfill your intentions immediately by sending to the commander of Denia the letter you write. I have written at the same time the commander of Gandia…

note: The document concerns the Peninsular War and dated the 9th of June 1813.




Marshal Bon-Adrien-Jeannot de Moncey

General Inspector of the Imperial Guard
Paris, 18 June 1813
Monsieur the Duke
In compliance with the provisions contained in this letter your Excellency made me the honour of writing me about the named Jacques Francois Dehoux, who has come back, after a short absence, to the Regiment Chasseurs a Chevel of the Imperial Guard. I have given orders to the Capitaine of Gendermerie de la Doyle, to have the proceedings that could be instituted against him stopped. I have the honour of offering your Excellency the expression of my high regard.
Marshal Duke of Conegliano

note: Moncey was one of Napoleon’s Marshals.(Moncey, Moncey)




Jean-Pierre Bachasson Comte de Montalivet

…an imperial decree on the formation of three cohorts in the town of Besançon, 1 000 men each, and a legion of National Guard of six cohorts. These urban cohorts will be formed within twenty-four hours of receiving this decree and immediately placed in active service at the Place of Besançon, together with the line troops that are in garrison.

note: The Count of Montalivet was the French Minister of Interior. The document concerns troop movement and dated the 7th of November 1813.(Reverse, Seal)




Marshal Josef Anton Poniatowski

note: Poniatowski was one of Napoleon’s Marshals. The Polish Prince would drown in the Elster River while retreating after the Battle of Leipzig.(Poniatowski, Poniatowski, Retreat, Death)




Alexis Bondurand

note:  The document concerns the  military service of Gaspard Petit Augustin and dated the 12th of February 1814.




Napoleon Bonaparte

General Antoine Drouot

Report to Sa Majesté l’Empereur
Porto Ferragio, 23 June 1814
I have to honour of submitting Your Majesty a report from the Capitaine d’Habillement relating to the establishments to set up for the stores.  I have the honour of praying Your Majesty to authorize the requested expenses.

note: General Drouot would follow Napoleon to Waterloo where he would command the artillery.




General Pierre-Antoine Dupont de L’Etang

note: General Dupont served as Minister of War after Napoleon’s abdication. The document is dated the 30th of June 1814.(Cover)




Campaign in Sicily

note: British certificate with the seal of the Royal Arms. The document concerns an Italian mariner who had taken part in the capture of the Italian cities of Spezia, Genova, and Savona.




Marshal Pierre-Francois-Charles Augereau

Paris 6 March 1815
Monsieur the Duke, the advantageous instructions which have been given me regarding the services of Monsieur le Petit of Courville, Adjutant Commandant, retired, at Caen, bind me to beg your Excellency to grant him the decoration of the Royal and Military Order of St. Louis. I include with the present letter the circumstances of the services of this superior officer with a copy of a letter addressed to him by Monsieur the Lieutenant General Commandant of the 14th Military Division. Accept Monsieur the Duke, the assurance of my great consideration.

note: Augereau was one of Napoleon’s Marshals and a close friend of Lannes. The document was written just two weeks before Napoleon’s return to Paris and the start of the Hundred Days.(Augereau, Augereau)




General Armand-Augustin-Louis de Caulaincourt

note: This is a document by General Caulaincourt while Minister of War during the Hundred Days and dated the 9th of May 1815. The document concerns the granting of passports to two Spaniards.(Caulaincourt)




Marshal Auguste Frederic Louis Viesse de Marmont

note: Marmont was one of Napoleon’s Marshals. The document is dated the 2nd of September 1815. Marshal Marmont would receive the title Duke of Raguse in the year 1808. The document was written two months after the Hundred Days.(Marmont, Marmont)




Marshal Jacques-Etienne-Joseph-Alexandre Macdonald

note: Macdonald was one of Napoleon’s Marshals. This is a document by Marshal Macdonald while Chancellor of the Légion d’Honneur and dated the 10th of February 1817. The document is informing M. Dufour that he has been raised to the rank of an officer of the Legion of Honour.(Macdonald, Macdonald, Légion d’Honneur)




Miniature Portrait

note:  This is a miniature portrait on ivory of a French Light Infantry Officer from 1813.(Reverse, Légion d’Honneur)




Miniature Portrait

note:  This soldier is wearing the uniform of a Commissioner of War circa 1810.(Légion d’Honneur)




Unknown Imperial Russian General




Anti-Napoleon Watercolor
circa 1814




Miniature Portrait

note: This is a miniature portrait on ivory of a French officer dated 1815-1830. The officer wears the medals of the Ordre de Saint Louis and the Légion d’honneur.(Légion d’Honneur)




Waterloo Relic

note: “This pistol found upon the Battlefield of Waterloo, May 14, 1816 by Mr. R Hillyer of London.”




Légion d’Honneur

note:  Légion d’Honneur– Presidence(1851-1852).(Reverse)




1825 Edition
Ternisien D’Haudricourt




1841 Edition
CH. Gavard




1864 Edition
H. W. Halleck