My Collection – Napoleonic – 1805-1807




Marshal Joachim Murat

note: Murat was one of Napoleon’s Marshals circa 1805.(Murat, Murat, Reverse)




Marshal Francois-Joesph Lefebvre

note:  Lefebvre was one of Napoleon’s Marshals.  Item establishing a lease of nine years for Maximilien Louis Rigal “Senate member and Treasurer of the fourth cohort of the Legion d’Honneur” on “a house in Paris Joubert Street No. 523, belonging to Marshal Lefebvre . Lefèbvre, lender, is represented as “Marshal of the Empire, member of the Senate Curator, Grand Officer, Chief Cohort and Grand Cordon of the Legion d’Honneur in Paris, rue d’Enfer No. 60.” Contract signed and initialed by notaries, Rigal and Lefebvre, 9 Germinal (30 March 1805).(Two, Three, Seal, Seal, Lefebvre, Lefebvre)




Claude Ambroise Regnier

note: This is a document by the Duke of Massa while Minister of Justice and dated the 7th of May 1806.(Reverse)

French Passport

note: This is an example of a French passport dated the 20th of November 1806.(Reverse)

General Antoine-Louis Albitte

…The enemy is cut and beat on all sides and many prisoners, we have taken equipment and artillery, it is impossible to get back online, the army continued without a break.

note: This document announces the French victory over the Russians at Pultusk. Lannes would play a key role in the battle.  Albitte would be killed during the Russian Campaign.(Lannes, Lannes)

Marshal Pierre-Francois-Charles Augereau

1st of May 1807
After the campaign of Franconie, His Majesty deigned to make me hope to give a sabre d’ honneur to the Chef d’Escadron Larrieu for the cleverness and bravery he had shown in several occasions, but this young officer left for another army and he did not obtain this distinction. He has since then ever been waging war, and General Verdier, whose Aide-de-Camp he is, gives an excellent testimony of his services. He’s going to the Grande Armée and has let me known his desire to get the officer cross of the Légion d’honneur. As he has got real titles to my esteem, I cannot, Monseigneur, refuse to recommend him to your Highness’s benevolance.

note: Augereau was one of Napoleon’s Marshals. He was a close friend of Lannes. Major Larrieu would receive the Légion d’Honneur in 1813.(Augereau, Augereau, Verdier, Légion d’Honneur)




General Jean-Baptiste-Isidore Lamarque d’Arrouzat

note: This a document by General Lamarque while a Major in the15th Regiment of the Line and dated the 10th of August 1807. Lamarque would distinguish himself at the battle of Aspern-Essling.(Reverse, Battle of Essling)




General Henri-Jacques-Guilaume Clarke

“…I received today the letter that you wrote me on 12th  this month, by sending me that of Marshall Kalkreuth. I will hasten to pass it on to Paris and inform his Majesty’s.  I have been appointed Minister of War in place of the Prince of Neuchatel and I will be replaced by Marshal Victor…”

note: This is a document by General Clarke to Marshal Soult and dated the 17th of August 1807.  General Clarke held the position Governor General of Berlin and Prussia since November 1806, appointed in the aftermath of Jena. He was appointed Minister of War in place of Berthier on the 9th of August 1807 and remained until April 1814.(Bulletin, Clarke, Soult, Soult)




Napoleon Bonaparte

General Henri-Jacques-Guillaume Clarke

27 September 1807
The leadership position in the 1st Battalion of Sappers is vacant now that S. Rousselet has gone into pension as granted by your decree of August 12 last. To replace this officer in the command, I have the honor of proposing to Your Majesty S. Pradeau…based on the services that he rendered in the last campaigns and on the fact that a lack of vacancies had kept him from receiving a titled position. Enclosed [not present] is a list of his services and a draft of the decree spelling out my proposal.

note: This is a document signed by Clarke and Napoleon after the Battle of Friedland.(Napoleon, Napoleon, Clarke, Friedland)

Marshal Jean Lannes

note: Lannes was one of Napoleon’s Marshals. This is a letter by Lannes ordering wine and dated the 24th of November 1807.(Cover, Reverse, Lannes, Lannes)




Marshal Jean Lannes

Voucher for six long coats for — Duoray, Julien — Etienne and Georges, footman and coachmen for his lordship.
8 December 1807

note: Lannes was one of Napoleon’s Marshals. This is a short note ordering coats during a short break between wars. He would soon be ordered to Spain.(Lannes, Lannes)




Marshal Michel Ney

Paris, December 31, 1807
Great Chancellor of the Légion d’Honneur
I have the honour of addressing you the services record of Mr. Poirot, Aide-de-Camp lieutenant of général de brigade Brun;
This officer having always distinguished himself, especially at the battle of Friedland, I pray you to insert him in the first work as having rights to getting the decoration.
Receive, Monsieur le Grand Chancelier and dear colleague, the assurance of my high consideration.
Le Maréchal

note: Ney was one of Napoleon’s Marshals. He would be shot by firing squad after the Hundred Days. The document concerns the decoration of the Légion d’Honneur and the battle of Friedland.(Ney, Ney, Battle of Friedland, Légion d’Honneur)




Unknown General of the Wuerttemberg Army
circa 1805




Miniature Portrait

note: This is a miniature portrait of a young girl from Marseille on ivory and dated 1807. Perhaps for her soldier friend while on campaign.




27e Shako Plate

note: This is a shako plate of the 27e. The regiment would fight throughout the Republic and Napoleonic wars.